Andrew McLachlan

Overview: Andrew is a Senior Solicitor and Associate with over 30 years of experience in personal injury claims. He qualified as a solicitor in 1999 and began his legal career in the late 1980s at a high street practice. Throughout his extensive career, Andrew has handled a wide variety of personal injury cases, from road traffic accidents to claims against local authorities.

Education and Background: Andrew obtained his law degree from John Moore’s University on a part-time basis while continuing to work in the legal profession. This blend of education and hands-on experience has equipped him with a deep understanding of personal injury and litigation.

Professional Recognition: A highlight of Andrew’s career is his ability to determine the optimal time to settle a claim. His strategic approach ensures that clients receive the best possible outcomes, as demonstrated by a notable case where he secured private surgery for a client, leading to an improved quality of life and a substantial settlement.

Specialisation and Expertise: Andrew’s caseload is diverse, ranging from fast track to multi-track cases, including:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Public/occupier’s liability
  • Accidents abroad
  • Accidents at work
  • Criminal injury
  • Claims against the Local Authority

Professional Memberships:

  • Member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)


  • Client Care: Andrew prioritises understanding each client’s unique situation and provides tailored advice to ensure the best outcomes. He is known for his patience, thoroughness, and ability to communicate complex legal matters clearly.
  • Case Management: Utilises his extensive experience to navigate the intricacies of personal injury claims, ensuring clients receive timely and fair settlements.

Motivation: Andrew is motivated by the positive impact he can have on his clients’ lives, especially in helping them recover from injuries and secure the compensation they deserve.