Jenny Ellis

Overview: Jenny has 15 years of experience in the motor claims industry, starting in 2005. For the last 9 years, she has focused on the legal side of claims, offering significant expertise in dealing with litigated claims, personal injury, and vehicle damage claims. Since joining KLS Law in 2014, Jenny has worked on both the Claimant and Defendant sides of the business, providing her with an in-depth understanding of how claims are approached from both perspectives.

Education and Background:

  • Ilex Level 3: Completed in 2013
  • NVQ Contact Centre Operations Level 3: Completed in 2010
  • NVQ Contact Centre Operations Level 2: Completed in 2008

Specialisation and Expertise:

  • Litigated claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Vehicle damage claims


  • Client Care: Jenny leverages her extensive experience to provide insightful advice and support, ensuring clients understand the claims process from both claimant and defendant perspectives.
  • Case Management: Utilises her deep understanding of motor claims to effectively manage and resolve litigated claims, personal injury cases, and vehicle damage disputes.

Motivation: Jenny is motivated by her ability to navigate complex claims processes and achieve fair outcomes for all parties involved.