Ken Specter BA (Hons)

Overview: As the Senior Partner at KLS Law, Ken Specter combines extensive legal expertise with strong business acumen. With a career spanning several decades, he has founded and led successful legal and insurance businesses, exemplifying his dual capabilities as both a lawyer and a businessman. The firm’s philosophy, under his leadership, emphasises transparency, practicality, and a client-focused approach.

Education and Background: Ken studied Law at London University and The College of Law in Chester. In 1985, he founded Specters, dedicating the first 15 years of his career to specialising in litigation. He represented private, commercial, and insurance clients in numerous courts and tribunals.

Professional Recognition: A notable achievement in his career is the founding of Lawshield and Connexus insurance solutions in 1996. These businesses cater to high-net-worth insurers nationally and provide comprehensive insurance solutions to private individuals and companies.

Specialisation and Expertise: With extensive litigation knowledge in areas such as property, insurance, insolvency, and professional negligence claims, Ken understands the commercial imperatives facing businesses today. He ensures that litigation strategies are financially astute, aligning with clients’ business needs.


  • Client Care: The philosophy at KLS Law is based on transparency, practical solutions, and keeping the client’s interests at the forefront. This approach is designed to provide clients with more than just legal advice.
  • Case Management: Overseeing major financial decisions and key litigation matters, Ken also assists clients with funding options, ensuring that every legal strategy is economically sound and tailored to their specific needs.

Motivation: Driven by a desire to offer clients practical solutions and reliable support, Ken ensures that they receive the guidance they need, not just what they want to hear.