Lisa Skyner

Overview: Lisa is a seasoned legal professional who has been in the personal injury industry since 2009. Starting her career as a paralegal while completing her LPC part-time, she qualified as a solicitor in 2013. She has since risen to a Partner position at a firm in the North West and has been involved in significant cases, including the Court of Appeal cases of Rabot v Hassam and Briggs v Laditan.

Education and Background:

  • Undergraduate Degree: 2:2 LLB Hons, University of Chester (2008)
  • Law Conversion: LPC, College of Law Chester (part-time while working as a paralegal)

Professional Recognition:

  • Notable Case Involvement: Participated in discussions and management meetings regarding the Rabot v Hassam and Briggs v Laditan cases.

Specialisation and Expertise:

  • Personal Motivation: Inspired by her mother’s challenging experience with a disability claim, Lisa has developed a deep understanding and empathy for clients navigating similar processes.
  • Field of Interest: Has a particular interest in Contested Probate.

Cases Settled in the Last Few Years:

  • High Settlement for Young Motorcyclist: Secured a significant settlement for a young motorcyclist affected both physically and psychologically by an accident, covering treatment costs, future care costs, and future financial support.

Client Reviews:

  • Lizzie Bolton: “Lisa Skyner became my first point of contact and after a year and a bit she has worked her socks off to help me with my claim, she’s kept me up to date all the way through and fought my corner where I had no knowledge of what to do. I can not thank her enough for her dedication to get me what I deserved and can’t thank them enough.”

Special Interests:

  • Contested Probate: Found particularly interesting and has delved into this field.


  • Client Care: Offers professional, friendly, and honest advice. Strives to obtain the highest level of compensation for clients, working tirelessly to overcome any hurdles.
  • Case Management: Handles causation disputes and navigates the challenges posed by the limitations of the Official Injury Claim (OIC) portal.


Impactful Work: Finds motivation in changing the lives of the people she works with, providing support and obtaining just compensation for those affected by injuries.